Create a new zone

Learn how to group one or more countries into a zone to form a broad geographical area that you wish to provide shipping rates to.

From the zone listing screen, click the Add Zone button. On the new zone creation screen there are two panels - ‘Zone Details’ and ‘Countries’.

Within the ‘Zone Details’ panel there are two fields:

  • Zone Title: This should generally be a title that will allow you to identify the geographic region your zone covers e.g. “Australia”, “Europe”, “North America” etc. This is an internal reference and will not be visible to customers.

  • Zone Status: This field allows you to disable a zone to prevent any of it’s rates from being made available to customers. You may wish to set this field to Inactive if you are making changes to a zone (or its ranges and rates) and do not wish to provide incorrect shipping rates in the meantime. Otherwise, in most instances this field is likely to be set to ‘Active’.

Within the ‘Countries’ panel you can search for and add countries to your new zone. When adding countries to a zone, keep in mind the following:

  • A country can only be assigned to one zone. If a country is already assigned to another zone that you have set up then it will not be available for selection.

  • If you select ‘Rest of World’ then all countries aside from those that have been assigned to other zones will be assigned to the new zone that you are creating.

  • You are free to deselect specific countries after having selected ‘Rest of World’, those countries will no longer be assigned to the zone.

  • You do not need to worry about deselecting a country from a ‘Rest of World’ zone if you wish to assign that country to a new zone. Simply create the new zone, assign the country and it will be unassigned from the ‘Rest or World’ zone automatically.

After you have entered details for your new zone, click the Save button in the bottom right of the screen and your new zone will be saved.

In this example we create a new zone, call it 'Australia' and add the country Australia to it.

Once you have established one or more zones you are then free to set up ranges and rates within each.

Note that creating a zone in Postcode Shipping doesn't automatically create that zone in Shopify. You will need to set up the same zones in Shopify as well, and enable Postcode Shipping as the rate provider.

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