Create target areas within your Zones as large as a country or as small as a single postcode.

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What is a Range?

A Range is a set of rules that allow you to target specific areas within the countries that make up your zones. When an order is received that has a destination address within a country that is covered by one of your zones, the ranges for the zone determine which rates should be used.


Acme Inc. has set up a Zone for Australia. They wish to have a set of rates for:

  • Addresses in downtown Sydney,

  • Suburban addresses in the outskirts of Sydney

  • Addresses elsewhere in Australia

Acme Inc. create three ranges for this Zone. The first has rules that target postcodes in central Sydney. The second has rules that target only suburban addresses in Sydney. The last range is a ‘catchall’ that would automatically capture any postcodes that fall outside the rules set up in the first two ranges.

Ranges offer a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to target very specific areas to broad, country-spanning regions. Understanding how to set up ranges and which targeting rules are most suitable in which situations will greatly help you when creating your shipping rules.

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