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Laura offers her customers a local pickup option

Laura offers her customers a local pick up option at her Hobart store. First she creates your Regions as usual, but when she adds her usual Rates, she also makes a free local pickup Rate in each Region. We'll step you through the process.

Laura's Treats delivery areas & rates:

LOCAL PICKUP [Pick up at Hobart store]: Free
HOBART [Shipping locally to Hobart]: $7 shipping
REST OF AUSTRALIA [Everywhere else in Australia]: $12 shipping

Laura has already:

Create Shipping Zones:

The first thing Laura is going to do is create a Shipping Zone for the places she'd like to ship. A Shipping Zone is a country or a group of countries. Since Laura is only offering shipping in Australia she only needs to make one Shipping Zone, which includes only Australia.

  • From the Postcode Shipping dashboard, click Shipping Zones, then add Shipping Zone.

  • Name the Shipping Zone and choose the appropriate country/countries from the list.

  • Click Save.

Create Regions:

Next, Laura needs to define the exact suburbs/neighbourhoods she wishes to service. She can do this by creating Regions and specifying the postcodes that make up each Region. Laura reads up on the Region Rule Types, so she knows how to quickly make sets of postcodes and doesn't have to type in every postcode individually.

  • Within a Shipping Zone click the option to Add a Region.

  • Give the Region a title. In this example Laura uses 'Hobart' and keeps all of the default settings.

  • In the 'Rule Matches' and 'Rule Exclusions' sections define a Region by entering postcodes in these fields. Laura's 'Hobart' Region is only for purchases in the city of Hobart, so she creates the following rule:


  • Click Save.

Create a 'Catchall' Range.

Next Laura needs to add a second Region which acts as a 'catchall' for the rest of Australia.

  • Navigate back to the Shipping Zone (eg 'Australia') and click Add new Region.

  • Give the Region a name (eg 'Rest of Australia'), and set the 'Catchall' status to Yes. Notice the 'Rule Matches' and 'Rule Exclusions' fields disappear, as no postcodes are needed for a catchall Region.

  • Click Save.

Add Rates:

Once Laura has created her Regions, she's ready to add Rates. In this case she needs to add the flat rates for delivery, as well as free rates for local pick up to each Region she's created.

Note: she could assume that most people wanting a local pick up option live locally within the 'Hobart' Region. However it is certainly possible that someone living out of this Region would want to pickup in store too - for example if they lived just outside over the city but made regular trips to the city - so the safest option is to add the local pick up rate to both Regions.

  • At the bottom of either Region screen click Add a Rate.

  • Fill in the Rate details. In this case Laura sets a 'flat rate' for both of her Regions, $7 for the 'Hobart' Region & $12 for the 'Rest of Australia' Region. Then she also creates a 'free rate' called 'Free Local Pick Up' for both of her Regions.

  • Click Save.

Rates setup for the 'Hobart' Region

Rates set up for the 'Rest of Australia' Region

Now, when Laura's customers proceed to checkout in her Shopify store they will receive shipping rates based on the postcode of their delivery address, and importantly they will also see an option to select 'Free Local Pick Up'.

You can use this setup for your country too! Even though this example is based in Australia, you can setup your rates in a similar way no matter which country you are shipping from or shipping to.